Sticker Selling Saga: Insights from a Year on Etsy

Sticker Selling Saga: Insights from a Year on Etsy

Sticker Selling Saga: Insights from a Year on Etsy

Let's start with a little disclaimer dance🕺. First off, I must confess – grammar and I have a traumatic relationship, so kindly turn a blind eye to any blatant rule-breaking or typos. We're all friends here, right?

And hey, just so you know, there are affiliate links sprinkled within this post. But fear not, your wallet💳 remains untouched. However, if you do decide to snag something through those links, yours truly might earn a small commission. It's like a win-win, right😁?

Sticker Selling Saga: Insights from a Year on Etsy

Hey there, sticker enthusiasts and aspiring entrepreneurs! Ready to dive into the wild world of sticker selling? Well, tighten up your suspenders because I've got tales from the trenches of Etsy that might save you some headache🤕 – and maybe even make you laugh a little.

Alright, let's get real about the PiggyPrints origin story. It was more of a stumble rather than a stride, to be honest. Picture this: I've had my fair share of Etsy misadventures – five stores🤦‍♀️ in total, each with its own rollercoaster of ups and downs. From cell phone cases to digital prints, I've dipped my toes in just about every Etsy pond🎣 imaginable. But let me tell you, folks, it was like jumping into an icy Vermont pond - no sales, just frustration!

I poured hours into building those stores, fueled by the delusion of "If I build it, they will come." Spoiler alert: they didn't. It's the classic trap we fall into – thinking a pretty store with shiny products is all it takes. But oh, how wrong I was.

I threw money💰at ads like confetti at a parade, hoping to lure in some views. But all I ended up doing was funding Etsy's coffers with what little cash I had left. And the sales? Nowhere to be found. Talk about a reality check.

After repeating this soul-crushing cycle one too many times, I finally threw in the towel, closed up shop, and took a breather. I mean, how many times can a person make the same mistake before they start questioning their sanity, am I right?

But then, out of the blue, I stumbled upon something unexpected: Stickers. And not just a few – I'm talking a sticker goldmine. And thus, PiggyPrints was born.

Now, why stickers, you ask? Well, let me tell you, it all started with my grandson slapping one on his Tumbler. Suddenly, I realized I was seeing something. As a result, I've become a sticker connoisseur in the process. Who knew a little piece of adhesive could hold so much power?

Stickers from Scratch: A Budget-Friendly Guide

So, you're eager to plunge into sticker selling, but you're wondering how to stock up on inventory without breaking the bank? Fear not, my friend. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast or prefer outsourcing, stickers are surprisingly budget-friendly to produce. No Cricut machine😔? No problem. I've been there, done that.

I stumbled upon a gem of a blog post by Elyse Breanne that kickstarted my journey. Her advice🙏 led me to some killer vendors where I could snag samples without emptying my wallet. Sticker Mule was my go-to at first, but then I discovered StickerBlitz, and let me tell you, it's like finding that extra fry at the bottom of the bag – pure joy.

Alright, let's dive into the sticker stash and uncover some sticker stocking secrets. But beware, sticker newbies – choosing the right stickers to invest in can be as tricky as finding Waldo in a sea of emojis.

So, here's the deal: don't go throwing all your hard-earned cash into samples before you've even made a sale. Trust me, been there, done that. Instead, I dipped my toes in with 10 packs of whatever was trending at the moment. Seasonal vibes 🎃, anyone?

Now, onto the sticker showdown. First up, we've got Sticker Mule. Waterproof, dishwasher safe, and fade-resistant – they've got all the sticker essentials covered. Plus, their sample section is a dream come true for indecisive souls like myself. Ten stickers for $9? Count me in!

This is a goldmine if you're starting out with no inventory. You can buy samples of 10 stickers instead of buying 50 stickers of just 1 design. And let's not forget those sweet extras they throw in with each order – it's like Christmas🎄 morning every time.

Lace up your boots, folks, because Sticker Blitz is here to shake things up. Same waterproof, dishwasher-safe goodness, but this time, they're throwing in a bonus. Fifteen stickers🙏 for the same price as Sticker Mule.☑️ Talk about a steal! It's like getting a bonus round of stickers just for playing. Plus, they always add an extra 5 stickers in the mix - inventory count: 20! I love this company!

In the end, I waved goodbye to Sticker Mule and hopped aboard🛳 the StickerBlitz train. Why? Because when it comes to sticker bang for your buck, StickerBlitz takes the cake – and then some. (Use code: SBSW309 and get 10% off your 1st order). Fun fact: both Sticker Mule and StickerBlitz quality is basically the same.

Quick note: Sticker Mule is still top-notch, offering proof approval and custom work to boot. But hey, I'm all about that speedy shipping life, so I set StickerBlitz to auto-approve and avoid any pesky delays.

Sticker Storage Solutions: Keeping Inventory Neat and Tidy

Now, let's talk storage. You wouldn't believe the journey I've been on trying to keep these babies in tip-top shape. Clear shelves were my first attempt👎, but those stickers had a mind of their own, bending every which way. Enter Simply Tidy Storage cases – game-changer. Michaels or Amazon, take your pick. It is always on sale at Michaels. I usually pick it up for $14.99.

These cases aren't just for show – they're like the superhero capes🦹‍♀️ of the sticker world. Not only do they keep your precious stickers in tip-top shape, but they're also waterproof and bend-proof. And hey, if you're the type who gets a thrill out of organization, you can even slap some labels on them. It's like a sticker sanctuary in there.

How to Stand Out from the Sticker Crowd on a Shoestring Budget

Don't even get me started on standing out in a sea of sticker sellers. It's like trying to find Waldo in a crowd of Waldos. But fear not, my friends. Mockups are your secret weapon. Get creative, stand out, and for the love of stickers, don't be afraid to let your personality shine through.

Now, here's a little insider tip that'll have your sticker game soaring. You know those guru types who preach not to reuse the same mockups for every design? Well, here's the deal: at the end of the day, you're the one paying the bills – not them.

I've scoured through Etsy and Creative Market for sticker mockups, and let me tell you, Etsy is a goldmine. You can find some of the same designs on Creative Market, but with a higher price tag – so cut out the middleman and head straight to Etsy.

Just make sure you know your audience – you don't want to accidentally pigeonhole yourself into selling only to women because your designs are all pink. Don't forget guys like stickers too!

And hey, if design isn't your forte, fear not! Etsy's got your back with shop banners to tie your brand's theme together for your Etsy Shop.

If you're stuck when it comes to listings, here's the scoop:

- Pick a mockup that screams "Look at me!" and shows off your sticker design in all its glory.
- Don't stop at one – use multiple mockups to showcase the different sides of your sticker designs in each listing. 
- Consistency is key – make sure your brand's listings have that unmistakable stamp of your style.

Oh, and speaking of consistency, take a page out of TheCrownPrints' book. That gal knows how to brand like a boss and flaunts her designs in the most beautiful way possible. Trust me, she's the real deal.

And let's not forget about SEO – the necessary evil of online selling. I won't bore you with the details, but it's like the secret sauce to getting your stickers seen. Oh, and a little bonus nugget: Etsy loves fresh listings, but don't go crazy. Quality over quantity, folks.

So there you have it, lessons learned from a year of sticker slinging on Etsy. Remember, it's a wild ride, but with a little humor and a lot of determination, you'll be sticking it to the competition in no time. Now go forth, my fellow sticker enthusiasts, and let those creative juices flow!


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